Debug Flutter web app in VS Code without creating a Microsoft Edge new instance


everything is set up and working but when I start debugging flutter in vs code using microsoft edge it starts a new instance , meaning the browser data, password, settings …. are all reset, so i need to enter passwords and change settings every time i start debugging or i need to open two browser instances which is both resources intensive and clingy.
is there like vs code configuration for flutter that works as "attach" to an existing browser instance instead of "launch" a new instance ?


you have to run with following command,

flutter run -d web-server --web-port 8080 --web-hostname

then access http://<your-ip> or localhost:8080

with this you can open your flutter web-app in regular browser and also you can open it in other devices in network(with your ip)
** also you should ensure that your port(8080) is open.

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