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I’m learning Dart and its dependency manager pub and am having a tough time seeing the “forest through the trees” here.

Say I want to use Polymer.dart in my project. So, in my project root, I create the following pubspec.yaml:

name: test_dart
description: A sample web application
    browser: any
    polymer: ">=0.9.0 <0.10.0"

I then run pub get, which goes to the pub repo and fetches the browser and polymer dependencies that I’ve specified. It then creates a packages directory in my project root, which now means I have a project that looks like:

        ...all the packages that ship with Polymer

Now I start coding my Dart web app (myapp.dart), which will references various Polymer and browser types/functions/etc. in its source code.

When I’m all done, I want to create a JavaScript file called myapp.js.

According to the dart2js docs, I need to run something like:

dart2js --out=myapp.js --package-root=??? myapp.dart

How do I include all the browser & polymer packages on the buildpath?


There is a “pub build” option now.


Use pub build when you’re ready to deploy your web app. When you run
pub build, it generates the assets for the current package and all of
its dependencies, putting them into a new directory named build.

$ cd ~/dart/helloworld
$ pub build
Building helloworld......
Built 5 files!

If the build directory already exists, pub build deletes it and then creates it again.

That should do everything you are after here. You can also launch it from the IDE by right clicking on the pubspec.yaml file and choose “pub build”

EDIT: You should also see the links in zoechi’s answer.

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