Dark status bar icons after migrating to Flutter 2


I have recently updated the Flutter version from 1.22.6 to 2.0.2. But now after I create a new flutter project (default counter app), the status bar icons are dark. They were light before migrating to 2.0.2:

enter image description here

How can it be fixed? I’ve tried to set the light statusBarIconBrightness in the AppBarTheme, but it doesn’t work:

    appBarTheme: AppBarTheme(
      systemOverlayStyle: SystemUiOverlayStyle(
        statusBarIconBrightness: Brightness.light,


You Should set statusBarColor too
for dart statusBarColor you should use bright colors for brightness

AppBarTheme(color: Colors.blue,
            brightness: Brightness.dark,
            systemOverlayStyle: SystemUiOverlayStyle(
                  statusBarColor: Colors.blue

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