Changing the color and styling of the Button in Flutter


I have migrated to Flutter 2.0 which is just the new release now. In my project I have used Flat Buttons but it got deprecated now in Flutter 2.0 and the suggestion pop up to use Text Button instead of Flat Buttons.

Now the problem is in Flat Buttons there are option directly to set the properties of button such as color, padding etc. but when I replaced it with Text Button there is error in using this properties. I have checked the documentation and found that there is the property of style: ButtonStyle(backgroundcolor: ____________). But when I have put in the backgroundcolor property it gives me error.

So I want to know that how is the behaviour of Buttons in Flutter 2.0 and how we can style the Buttons?

My snippet of code is here in which I want to style the button.

                  width: 200.0,
                  child: TextButton(
                    style: ButtonStyle(), // I want to style this.
                    onPressed: () => Navigator.pushNamed(context,,
                    padding: const EdgeInsets.all(10.0),*/ //Commented code is deprecated in Flutter 2.0
                    child: Text(
                      'Create Account',
                      style: TextStyle(color: Colors.white, fontSize: 16.0),


The style argument with a backgroundcolor is the way to do it, but does not take a Color object, its type is MaterialStateProperty<Color?>? so you should provide an object of that type.

documentation is here
and here

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