Can't load Kernel binary (Dart SDK dev.69.4)


I’m so sorry, but … this time too I have a problem after updating the Dart SDK.

My pubspec.yaml file is:

  sdk: '>=2.0.0-dev.69.4 <2.0.0'

  sass_builder: ^2.1.1
  angular: ^5.0.0-beta+2
  angular_components: ^0.9.0-beta+2
  angular_forms: ^2.0.0-beta+2
  angular_router: ^2.0.0-alpha+17
  js: ^0.6.1+1
  path: ^1.6.2

  angular_test: ^2.0.0-beta+2
  build_runner: ^0.9.2
  build_test: ^0.10.3+1
  build_web_compilers: ^0.4.1
  test: ^1.3.0

I runned pub global activate webdev and pub upgrade commands. After this, I runned webdev serve, but I received the following error message:

Can't load Kernel binary: File size is too small to a valid kernel file.
webdev failed with an unexpected exception.
Unable to spawn isolate: Error while initializing Kernel isolate

How can I solve this issue?

It is likely that for the next update I will wait for the stable version of the Dart SDK.


I have the same problem, you can use “pub run build_runner serve” as workaround.

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