Can't build todo_ddc project


I want to try polymerize so I have found and use that post. But I met issues when try command

pub run polymerize:polymerize build

It works some time and then return bazel’s error:

2017.35.08 16:35:06.015 polymerize      [INFO]: Running bazel ...
____Loading package: 
ERROR: while parsing ':all': error loading package '': Encountered error while reading extension file 'BUILD.test_app.bzl': no such package '@build_files//': No WORKSPACE file found in /private/var/tmp/_bazel_kelegorm/df7a1dbca8a607bc3485e726bb483b2b/external/build_files.

How can I solve that problem? Why it happens? Why I can’t find any mention about that error? What have I missed?



There was a problem with newest bazel versions. Just upgrade to latest polymerize (v. 0.8.6+1) and it should work again.

To start from a clean workspace just do a :

git clone
cd todo_ddc
pub get
pub run polymerize:polymerize build

Answered By – Vittorio Ballestra

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