can i built an iOS app after creating it's android version's apk on same project on Flutter?


i have just finished coding of my android app and it is time to built it’s apk but i want to create it’s iOS version ipa to. i know i have to work on XCode on MAC for getting it’s ipa output but i don’t have any iOS device. nothing about Apple. so i want to use alternative ways like CodeMagic but i am new on development so it seems creating an ipa output will take a long time for me. in addition i didn’t make any stuffs needs to be done for an iOS app can launch. for example i am using Firebase services but i only made it’s android settings, didnt set anything about it’s iOS version. so i have to do lots of things for creating my flutter project’s iOS version and need time. at this point i have a question:

Can i built my app’s iOS version after creating it’s android version without make any settings for iOS? i want to built it’s android apk or appbundle as soon as possible and i want to do it’s iOS settings and built it’s ipa later. is that possible? thaks for your helps.


Based on my experience… you’ll have to setup the iOS separately to successfully build it.

For example when using firebase you’ll need to add the GoogleServices file using Xcode.. or when using google maps you’ll also need to add the api key on the appdelegate file.

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