Calling async event in flutter_bloc


I am trying to fetch data from API as soon as the flutter app loads but I am unable to achieve so

class MarketBloc extends Bloc<MarketListEvent, MarketListState> {
  MarketBloc() : super(MarketLoading()) {
    on<MarketSelectEvent>((event, emit) async {
      final data = await ApiCall().getData(event.value!);
      globalData = data;
      emit(MarketDataFetched(marDat:, dealType: event.value));


I have called MarketLoading state as the initial state and I want to call MarketSelectEvent just after that but in the current code, action is required to do so and i want to achieve it without any action.


You have 2 options:

add an event from the UI as soon you instantiate the MarketBloc


add an event in the initialization code

  MarketBloc() : super(MarketLoading()) {  

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