Bad state no element in Flutter Using FutureBuilder and Provider


Using Provider and FutureBuilder, I just deleted data from database, it got removed at the same time, it shows a red screen with bad state no element. There is no problem to add data, do not show this problem.
Code is given below


ter (12519): ══╡ EXCEPTION CAUGHT BY WIDGETS LIBRARY ╞═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
I/flutter (12519): The following StateError was thrown building ViewNoteScreen(dirty, dependencies:
I/flutter (12519): [_ModalScopeStatus], state: _ViewNoteScreenState#f589b):
I/flutter (12519): Bad state: No element
I/flutter (12519): 
I/flutter (12519): The relevant error-causing widget was:
I/flutter (12519):   ViewNoteScreen file:///C:/Users/Admin/Desktop/daily%2010/provider_note/lib/main.dart:21:46
I/flutter (12519):
I/flutter (12519): When the exception was thrown, this was the stack:
I/flutter (12519): #0      ListMixin.firstWhere (dart:collection/list.dart:148:5)
I/flutter (12519): #1      Providers.findById (package:provider_note/helper/provider.dart:14:19)
I/flutter (12519): #2 (package:provider_note/screens/view_note.dart:21:35)
I/flutter (12519): #3 (package:flutter/src/widgets/framework.dart:4663:28)
I/flutter (12519): #4      ComponentElement.performRebuild (package:flutter/src/widgets/framework.dart:4546:15)
I/flutter (12519): #5      StatefulElement.performRebuild (package:flutter/src/widgets/framework.dart:4719:11)
I/flutter (12519): #6      Element.rebuild (package:flutter/src/widgets/framework.dart:4262:5)
I/flutter (12519): #7      BuildOwner.buildScope (package:flutter/src/widgets/framework.dart:2667:33)
I/flutter (12519): #8      WidgetsBinding.drawFrame (package:flutter/src/widgets/binding.dart:866:20)
I/flutter (12519): #9      RendererBinding._handlePersistentFrameCallback (package:flutter/src/rendering/binding.dart:286:5)
I/flutter (12519): #10     SchedulerBinding._invokeFrameCallback (package:flutter/src/scheduler/binding.dart:1117:15)
I/flutter (12519): #11     SchedulerBinding.handleDrawFrame (package:flutter/src/scheduler/binding.dart:1056:9)
I/flutter (12519): #12     SchedulerBinding._handleDrawFrame (package:flutter/src/scheduler/binding.dart:972:5)
I/flutter (12519): #16     _invoke (dart:ui/hooks.dart:253:10)
I/flutter (12519): #17     _drawFrame (dart:ui/hooks.dart:211:3)
I/flutter (12519): (elided 3 frames from dart:async)
I/flutter (12519):
I/flutter (12519): ══════════════════════════════════════════════


BadStateException occurred when list don’t contain the item and still someone searching for that


If orElse not defined in the code and the wrong item gets search which doesn’t exist in the list then it shows BadStateException

 void main() {
      List<String> list = ['red', 'yellow', 'pink', 'blue'];
      var newList = list.firstWhere((element) => element.contains('green'));


Uncaught Error: Bad state: No element

Solution: Add orElse

 void main() {
      List<String> list = ['red', 'yellow', 'pink', 'blue'];
      var newList = list.firstWhere((element) => element.contains(''), 
          orElse: () => 'No matching color found');


No matching color found

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