"zsh: command not found: pub" while testing my code for exercism


I want to test my coding exercise for exercism.io. On the Intellij IDEA and Android Studio when I try to type on terminal “$ pub get” and “$ pub run test”. I get this error “zsh: command not found: pub or $”. I’ve been stacking here for 2 days. What should I do?

My System: Mac OS Catalina version 10.15.3.
My Android SDK is located: Users/vortovor/Developer/flutter/bin/cache

in cache there is a file named “dart-sdk”.


You may want to use the pub shipped with the Flutter version you’re using as told on the pub tool section of Dart documentation:

Flutter note: If you’re using the Flutter SDK, don’t use the pub command directly. Instead use the flutter pub command, (…)

flutter pub get
# or
flutter pub test

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