Writing 1.0 web components on top of 0.5?


Another dev team I am working with is building out a bunch of web components using polymer 0.5, but the issue is that it is really just Beta imo. So now that 1.0 is out, I wanted to build on top of their 0.5 stuff with 1.0.

They know they will be refactoring at some point and dear goodness there is a lot of differences. They seem to want to just keep chugging along and do their own then then migrate later.

The issue is that if i follow suit, they will eventually modify everything and then i will need to modify everything.

Can i just build 1.0 on top of their stuff in order to circumvent this refactor? I tried to tell them to just do it in 1.0 but their manager wont budge.

Can this be done?


We tried doing this on my team at Google and it’s incredibly difficult to do. I really couldn’t recommend it. As another answerer commented, they clobber each other’s global Polymer variable, but also the version dependencies with Bower are super difficult to get any sense around.

You could recommend tools like polyup to help automate the process. We did it on our team and while it wasn’t exactly trivial, it’s definitely worth the time spent: which is often less than you think. Here’s a Lighting Talk from the Polymer Summit last year which walks you through the general process.

Hope this helps!

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