Widget testing TextFormField obscureText value


I cannot seem to find a way to widget test whether a TextFormField has obscureText set true or false.

I know that TextFormField is a wrapper around TextField, and obscureText is a property of TextField, but cannot think of a way to access obscureText within my test.

So, when I try to access obscureText I get the message: The getter ‘obscureText’ isn’t defined for the type ‘TextFormField’

Anyone know how to test obscureText property for a TextFormField?

    'show and hide password fields',
      WidgetTester tester,
    ) async {
      await tester.pumpWidget(
          child: emailSignUpScreen,
      final Finder passwordTextFormField = find.byKey(
        const Key(
      final TextFormField input =
      expect(input.obscureText, true);


TextFormField uses EditableText to obscure it, you can just do:

final passwordTextFormField = find.descendant(
  of: find.byKey(const Key('passwordTextFormField')),
  matching: find.byType(EditableText),
final input = tester.widget<EditableText>(passwordTextFormField);
expect(input.obscureText, isTrue);

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