why it is not good to connect to MongoDB without an API?


I want to use mongo atlas in my flutter project and currently, I am using the mongo_dart package and I am able to add documents directly from my app.

var db = await Db.create("mongodb+srv://<username>:<password>@cluster0.cwdcc.mongodb.net/<database>?retryWrites=true&w=majority");
await db.open();

var coll = db.collection('Users');

Recently I saw someone saying that I need to create API and it is not good to use MongoDB like this. Can you explain Why is that I need to create an API?


So based what you saying here i.e why it is not good to connect to MongoDB without an API?

So I am to believe I stand to be corrected:

  • So mongoDB atlas before even connecting to it you have to authenticate yourself

  • Mongo will give you a connection string like this below:


  • So it is much safer when then connection is an authenticated connection which mongoDB supports for the languages that they specified for their driver that they have

  • So with flutter if you look at this solution given here:How to connect flutter with MongoDB it seems like it is not an authenticated connection which makes it less secure

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