Why CircleAvator's position can't align exactly under The IconButton?


created a IconButton and positioned it responsively. And then wrapped it with CircleAvator widget.
I was expecting the circleavator would be placed under the IconButton and also would behave responsively but CircleAvator doesn’t align under the button even doesn’t act responsively.
Here is my code-

                    left: (_width / 2.4) - (_height / 3.5 * 0.30),
                    top: (_height * 0.5) / 2.35,
                    child: CircleAvatar(
                      backgroundColor: colorBlack,
                      radius: 50.0,

                      child: IconButton(
                          icon: Icon(Icons.check_circle),
                          iconSize: _height / 3.5 * 0.5,
                          color: loading ? Colors.teal : Colors.red,
                          onPressed: doConversion),

Here is my output of Device –
enter image description here


To stack 2 Widgets there is actually an easier solution. Just use the Stack Widget.
You can use alignment to position the element within the Stack.

        alignment: Alignment.center,
        children: <Widget>[
            backgroundColor: Colors.black,
            radius: 50.0,
              icon: Icon(Icons.check_circle),
              iconSize: 100,
              color: Colors.red,
              onPressed: () {}),

Using Stack

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