upload file in flutter web by file_picker


i use file_picker: ^4.2.0 show package for my application.

when i get web release as html, get some Error.

error: path always null in web release

my code to get file:

Future getFile() async {    
    FilePickerResult? result = await FilePicker.platform.pickFiles(
      withReadStream: true,
      type: FileType.custom,
      allowedExtensions: ['png', 'jpeg', 'jpg', 'pdf'],
    if (result != null) {
      PlatformFile file = result.files.single;
      setState(() {
        _file = File(file.path.toString());
        _filePath = file.path;
    } else {
      // file not choose


i use https://pub.dev/packages/file_picker but in flutter web path not suppor;

you should to use bytes;

i save file bytes in var _fileBytes and use in request;

var request = http.MultipartRequest('POST', Uri.parse('https://.....com'));
      await ConvertFileToCast(_fileBytes),
      filename: fileName,
      contentType: MediaType('*', '*')
var response = await request.send();

function ConvertFileToCast:

  List<int> list = data.cast();
  return list;

it`s work for me 🙂

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