Unhandled Exception iOS 12.5.5 when running Flutter on physical device using XCode


I am trying to run a Flutter app using XCode on a physical device but it seems that the current device version 12.5.5 is not supported.

I created a 12.5 version from the 12.4 version folder that I found in DeviceSupport, restarted XCode, but it displays the same error.


Unhandled Exception: SignInWithAppleNotSupportedException(Unsupported platform version: iOS 12.5.5)
#0      MethodChannelSignInWithApple.getAppleIDCredential (package:sign_in_with_apple_platform_interface/method_channel_sign_in_with_apple.dart:86:7)
<asynchronous suspension>


Seems that Apple Login is only supported from version 13 and on.

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