The following packages don't support null safety


How to run with the null safety using the following packages

  • package:sqflite
  • package:sqflite_common
  • package:synchronized


void database() async {
// ignore: unused_local_variable
var database = await openDatabase('alimaher.db', version: 1,
    onCreate: (database, vervion) {
  // ignore: avoid_print
  print('database created');
          'CREATE TABLE tasks (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,title TEXT, date TEXT,time TEXT,status TEXT ) ')
      .then((value) {
    // ignore: avoid_print
    print('table created');
  }).catchError((error) {
    // ignore: avoid_print
    print('error when creating table ${error.toString()}');
}, onOpen: (database) {
  // ignore: avoid_print
  print('database opened');


The error message:

Error: Cannot run with sound null safety, because the following dependencies don’t support null safety:

  • package:sqflite
  • package:sqflite_common
  • package:synchronized


All three packages do support sound null-safety in their latest releases.

You did not show your pubspec.yaml, but I guess you will need to update those packages to their most recent versions.

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