Tab indicator not sliding when controller is added


I added a Tab in my app

My code looks like:

  length: 2,
  child: Scaffold(
    appBar: AppBar(
      title: Text("ADD ITEM"),
      bottom: TabBar(
        indicatorColor: Colors.white,
        tabs: [
          Tab(text: "Main Product"),
          Tab(text: "Unit Groups"),
    body: TabBarView(
      // physics: NeverScrollableScrollPhysics(),
      controller: _tabController,
      children: [Container(), UnitGroupsList()],

I initiated controller like:

  void initState() {
   _tabController = new TabController(
   length: 2,
   vsync: this,


However, when I set controller to this TabBarView and when I swipe to change tab, the indicator of tab does not slide.

And when I manually click on another tab, only indicator is moved



What I get:

When I swiped, I moved to next tab, but indicator is still at 1st tab:
When i swiped i moved to next tab but indicator is still at 1st tab



This did the job, I didn’t have to assign controller to navigate between tabs.

Answered By – Umesh Chakradhar

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