share data between tabs in one screen in flutter?


In a screen with 3 tabs, first tab with textFields to input data and store in CutomClass, the other two tabs use data stored in the CustomClass to view results.

How can i share CustomClass data between the tabs such that any update from tab1 reflects to tab2 & tab3 when the user switches to one of them.

Code below is for the screen with 3 tabs in TabBarView as 3 stateful widgets.
I was thinking of saving data to CustomClass and rebuild the other 2 tabs ever time they are switched to using updated CustomClass data, but don’t know how to achieve that.

any advice, thoughts or examples?!

class ScreenWithTabs extends StatefulWidget {
  _ScreenWithTabsState createState() => _ScreenWithTabsState();

class _ScreenWithTabsState extends State<ScreenWithTabs> {
  CustomClass customClass;

  void initState() {super.initState();}

  DefaultTabController build(BuildContext context) {
    return DefaultTabController(
      length: 3,
      child: Scaffold(
        appBar: AppBar(
          bottom: TabBar(tabs: [
            Tab(text: 'input tab',),
            Tab(text: 'output tab 1',),
            Tab(text: 'output tab 2',),
        body: TabBarView(
          children: [


if you dont know any stateMangement like provider there is an easy approch
you can create a callback function in each of those tabs and everytime something you desire happens call that variable back store it in a variable ScreenWithTabs and setState and send it to another tab you desire

int x;

            children: [
                refreshCallback: (int result) {
                  x = result;
                  setState(() {});

if you are not familiar with the implementation of the callback

class CartTab extends StatefulWidget {

Function(int result) refreshCallback;


and if you want to use it

onTap: () {

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