setState() or markNeedsBuild() called during build during build and how to resolve it


setState() or markNeedsBuild() called during build during build and how to resolve it.
Can you please little explain about this——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

import 'package:dishes_app/Dummy_data.dart';
import 'package:dishes_app/Screens/Categories_screen.dart';
import 'package:dishes_app/Screens/Category_meals_screen.dart';
import 'package:dishes_app/Screens/filter_screen.dart';
import 'package:dishes_app/Screens/meal_detail_screen.dart';
import 'package:dishes_app/Screens/tab_screen.dart';
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

import 'models/meal.dart';

void main() {

class MyApp extends StatefulWidget {
  // This widget is the root of your application.
  _MyAppState createState() => _MyAppState();

class _MyAppState extends State<MyApp> {
  Map<String, bool> _filters = {
    'gluten': false,
    'lactose': false,
    'vegan': false,
    'vegetarian': false,

  List<Meal> _availablemeals = DUMMY_MEALS;

  void _setFilters(Map<String, bool> filterData) {
    setState(() {
      _filters = filterData;
      _availablemeals = DUMMY_MEALS.where((meal) {
        if (_filters['gluten']! && !meal.isGlutenFree) {
          return false;
        if (_filters['lactose']! && !meal.isLactoseFree) {
          return false;
        if (_filters['vegan']! && !meal.isVegan) {
          return false;
        if (_filters['vegetarian']! && !meal.isVegetarian) {
          return false;
        return true;

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MaterialApp(
      theme: ThemeData(
          accentColor: Colors.amber,
          canvasColor: Color.fromRGBO(255, 254, 229, 1),
          fontFamily: 'Raleway',
          textTheme: ThemeData.light().textTheme.copyWith(
                body1: TextStyle(
                  color: Color.fromRGBO(20, 51, 51, 1),
                body2: TextStyle(color: Color.fromRGBO(20, 51, 51, 1)),
                title: TextStyle(
                  fontSize: 20,
                  fontFamily: 'RobotoCondensed',
                  fontWeight: FontWeight.bold,
      routes: {
        '/': (ctx) => TabsScreen(),
        CategoryMealsScreen.routeName: (ctx) =>
        MealDetailScreen.routeName: (ctx) => MealDetailScreen(),
        FilterScreen.routeName: (ctx) =>
            FilterScreen(_setFilters(_filters) as Function(Map)),
      onGenerateRoute: (settings) {
      onUnknownRoute: (settings) {
        return MaterialPageRoute(builder: (ctx) => CategoriesScreen());


On this line:

FilterScreen.routeName: (ctx) =>
            FilterScreen(_setFilters(_filters) as Function(Map)),

The _setFilters(_filters) is actually calling the function itself, and not passing a Function as a parameter as it should. If thats exactly what you want to do in your function, then create a anonymous call like this:

FilterScreen.routeName: (ctx) =>
           FilterScreen((){_setFilters(_filters);} as Function(Map)),

Depending on your FilterScreen you could just pass _setFilters directly, but this way you won`t be able to give in any parameters from before-hand.

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