Set background color to transparent but doesn't work. Use EasyLoading package


When I set the background color to transparent in EasyLoading, it doesn’t show the transparent effect, but a black color.
I tried to figure out in source code but get nothing.
I wonder that if there an anyway to make the background color transparent, so it can show everything behind.

Solved in this issue:

void showLoading([String loadingText = 'Loading']) {
    ..loadingStyle = EasyLoadingStyle.custom
    ..indicatorType = EasyLoadingIndicatorType.ring
    ..indicatorColor = Colors.transparent
    ..backgroundColor = Colors.transparent
    ..textColor = Colors.transparent
    ..textStyle =
        TextStyle(color: _loadingText, fontSize: 14.sp, fontWeight: FontWeight.bold, fontFamily: 'Helvetica')
    ..textPadding =
    ..indicatorWidget = Column(
      children: [
          color: _loadingRingGradient,
    ); loadingText, maskType: EasyLoadingMaskType.none, dismissOnTap: true);

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You just need to add BoxShadow at your code ..boxShadow = <BoxShadow>[]. Please find out issue related this at below link.

EasyLoading GitHub Open Issue

Answered By – Vaidarbhi

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