Resetting and updating a list property in polymer 1.0.rc


I have a List of Map items property.

List<Map<String, dynamic>> items = [
    {'name': 'Acrid', 'checked': false},
    {'name': 'Fishy', 'checked': false}

that are displayed when an if condition evaluates to true.

    is = "dom-if"
    if = "[[normalChangedRestampedToggler]]">
      class = "layout horizontal wrap body auto"
      id = "container">

        class = "dropdown-content layout vertical"
        elevation = "5">

          value = "{{filterValue}}"
          label = "Search"
          class = "margin">
            icon = "search"></iron-icon>

      <paper-menu multi
                  on-click = "onClickHandler">
            id = "repeat"
            is = "dom-repeat"
            items = "{{items}}"
            filter = "{{filter(filterValue)}}">
              role = "menuitemcheckbox"
              toggles = "true"
              active = "{{item.checked}}">
                checked = "[[item.checked]]"
                checked-changed = "checkedChanged"></paper-checkbox>


The conditional if is set by a paper-toggle button:

  void toggleNormalChangedEvent( event, [_] ) {
    normalChangedRestampedToggler = !normalChangedRestampedToggler;
    set('normalChangedRestampedToggler', normalChangedRestampedToggler);

    switch ( normalChangedRestampedToggler ) {
      case false:
        for(var item in data)
          item['checked'] = false;
        set('items', data);
        data = new List<Map<String, dynamic>>( );

While the UI toggles as expected, the

set('items', data);

does not seem to reset the items – the old checked state of the checkboxes still remain. It appears that the items property does not update.

Can this update be forced by some means?

PS Could the problem be due to the fact that the checkboxes are in a nested-template? If so, is there a way to overcome this problem?



This is redundant

normalChangedRestampedToggler = !normalChangedRestampedToggler;

because this includes the above (added !)

set('normalChangedRestampedToggler',! normalChangedRestampedToggler);

for(var item in data) {
  item['checked'] = false;

should be

for(int i = 0; i < items.length; i++) {
  set('items.$i.checked', false);

data = new List<Map<String, dynamic>>( );

doesn’t do anything because you probably assign the same list again and Polymer recognizes that there is no change.

Also template is="dom-repeat uses

items = "{{items}}"

why do you set data?

Answered By – Günter Zöchbauer

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