Radio Buttons on Dart


I’m trying to get the input for a radio button group but I can’t find anywhere any examples or explanations of how to. All the ones I end up finding is deprecated or does not work 🙁

What I wan’t is this:

The form will have 4 radio button groups and when submit is pressed I wan’t to get the information from those 4 groups then do something with it. But I can’t find anywhere a good way of doing it 🙁


Tried it and works

<input type="radio" id="r1" name="rate" value="Fixed Rate"> Fixed Rate
<input type="radio" id="r2" name="rate" value="Variable Rate"> Variable Rate
<input type="radio" id="r3" name="rate" value="Multi Rate" checked="checked">


main () {

void clickHandler(MouseEvent e) {
  // two different ways of accessing the current value
  print('target: ${( as InputElement).value}');
  print('checked: ${(querySelector('input[name=rate]:checked') as InputElement).value}');

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