pub get does not install redstone package


I have an issue with pub. I’m new in dart. I followed the instructions on the redstone web page ( to use redstone in my server project.

I’m using webstorm. here is a copy-paste of my pubspec.yaml :

name: ndolo_server

redstone: any

when I run pub get on the application root folder or on webstorm, pub seem to work correctly (it displays “Got dependencies”) but the package folder stay empty.
I ran cache repair (pub cache repair), here also it seems to work correctly, but the package folder stay empty.

when I run pub get –trace, I get the following output :

E:\devel\webapps\ndolo2\server> pub get --trace
Resolving dependencies...
Got dependencies!

Can someone help me?



You need to add a space or a tab before redstone....
See for more details.

Answered By – Günter Zöchbauer

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