problem with Flutter SDK location after install with ubuntu snap


I installed flutter SDK using ubuntu "snap" by running:

$ sudo snap install flutter --classic

and when i want to add PATH of flutter sdk to android studio
i have a seroius problem !!

recently i searched flutter sdk paths and i saw some guys said , if you installed it with snap,
this is sdk path:


then I checked this path and i saw in common directory i have a zip file and there is no flutter directory , i tried to unzip that file but it gives error and cannot unzip it.

please help me , please ….


This problem happened to me, i solved it by uninstalling the flutter by snap and then following the installation on the website by downloading the .tar file

sudo snap remove flutter

After uninstalling the flutter with the snap follow the manual installation step of the link

Answered By – E. Franklyn

Answer Checked By – Pedro (FlutterFixes Volunteer)

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