Polymer – Using Font Awesome icons in pager-menu-button


I’m using that package with Font Awesome icons which I can use with Polymer. I want use it in <paper-menu-button> tag. It’s possible? How Can I do that? I tried add icon="fa-save" parameter, but it don’t works…

My code looks that:

      <core-toolbar id="mainheader">
        <paper-menu-button icon="fa-save" class="white" halign="left" valign="bottom">
          <core-item label="Visibility"></core-item>
          <core-item label="Extension"></core-item>
          <core-item label="Info"></core-item>


The icon needs to be made available using the <core-iconset> element to be usable with the icon attribute.


I just published the package BWU FontAwesome IconsetSvg for core-elements and paper-elements.

It works fine with your example. You can use it directly or use it as example how to create your own iconset for paper-elements and core-elements

The rendering quality (in Chrome) could be better but it seems this has been fixed http://www.dev-metal.com/fix-ugly-font-rendering-google-chrome/

Answered By – Günter Zöchbauer

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