Parse json array without names in Dart


I cannot parse such json


The problem lies in array with dynamic names. Here’s my POJO:

class PaymentHistoryResponse {
final List<History> list;


class History {
final String operationId;
final dynamic externalId;
final String status;
final DateTime date;
final int amount;

@required this.operationId,
@required this.externalId,
@required this.status,
@required this.amount

factory History.fromJson(String str) => History.fromMap(json.decode(str));

String toJson() => json.encode(toMap());

factory History.fromMap(Map<String, dynamic> json) => History(
operationId: json["operation_id"],
externalId: json["external_id"],
status: json["status"],
date: DateTime.parse(json["date"]),
amount: json["amount"]

Map<String, dynamic> toMap() => {
"operation_id": operationId,
"external_id": externalId,
"status": status,
"date": date.toIso8601String(),
"amount": amount

I also receive other json containing arrays, but named ones and I was able to decode them. How can I convert this one? P.s I’ve also made some research through this site and found some quite similar questions but a bit different and it didn’t help me.


Since this is an array and not just a JSON you will need to do something like this:

mList = List<UserModel>.from( => UserModel.fromJson(i)));

Hint: for generating models with toJson and fromJson use this website:

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