Observe changes to properties of items in a list in Polymer 1


I have a property

  @property final List<Item> items = [
    new Item('red', false),
    new Item('green', true),
    new Item('blue', false)

where class Item looks like

class Item extends JsProxy {
  @reflectable String color;
  @reflectable bool checked;
  Item(this.color, this.checked);

The HTML looks like

  <template is="dom-repeat" items="{{items}}">
      <input type="checkbox"

I want to be notified when checked in any of the items was changed.


An observer can be set up using the @Observe('some.path') annotation.
If the path contains a .*, the handler is called with a change record which contains the actual path of the change.

  void updateSelectedColors(Map record, [_]) {
    String path = record['path'];
    if (path == 'items' || path.endsWith('.checked')) {
      // do something

path == 'items' applies for the initialization of the items property with the default value. path.endsWidth('.checked') ensures that the code (// do something) is only executed when actually the checked property was changed. All other changes are ignored.

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