Navigations count in flutter


I need to show a pop up after user change 3 page in app.

How can I count number of navigations in flutter ?

I used getx for change pages in app and had observer analytics of firebase.


you can track the changed page using a variable. There is no such thing as global variable in dart programing language. So this is a way around implementing a global variable in dart.

Create a file called global.dart and declare a variable

eg: int pageCount = 0;

now import this file as import 'package:..../global.dart';

and increment the pageCount variable wherever there is a Navogator.push or page change is triggered.

Imp Note: If you use this way then on every app restart the pageCount variable resets (initialised) to 0 and the pop will be shown again to the user after pageCount=3

Now if this can be avoided if you use a sharedPreferences plugin. Store the pageCount as a shared preferences. The update of the variable should be done in the same way as explained above.

Then on every app start read this variable if the variable == 3 then you can skip the showing of the popup.

plugin link:

This post explains very well how to implement shared preferences in your flutter app:

This is the most tedious way:

Now if you are not comfortable in using shared preferences then, you can store the variable in a text file or a JSON file using path_provider plugin with the dart:io library.

everything explained here on reading and writing files :

if you choose to use JSON file to save the variable then you can do as follows:

  • open a file called config.json or any_name.json
  • use file.writeAsStringSync(‘{"pageCount":3}’), whatever the page change count is at that instance.
  • Read this file on every app start, check if the page count is 3, then implement your logic and so on.

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