Multiple entity-bound CupertinoTextFields that save on focus out


I have a list of some entries I want edit on focus out. I createe FocusNode for each entry, CupertinoTextField for each entry too.

var textField = (UserMotivator um) {
    var controller;
    var focusNode = new FocusNode();
    focusNode.addListener(() {
        if (!focusNode.hasFocus) {

    var controller = TextEditingController(text: um.text);

    return CupertinoTextField(
        focusNode: focusNode,
        controller: controller,
        onChanged: (String value) {
            um.text = value;

For some weird reason, in simulator (not tested on real device), when I click on many of these TextFields, I get this:

enter image description here

How do I bound a focus out even to a TextField without using FocusNode/ without having all of these cursors blinking?


So I resolved the issue I think. The reason it was buggy was that I was on v1.1.8, after updating to v1.5.4 it somehow got fixed, was not perfect but was better. After I moved the FocusNodes creation code form build to initState method it got even better but the cursor was still blinking at the start of the TextField. This was because I had called setState in the onChange handler, which somehow caused the TextField to redraw and act so weirdly.

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