Is it possible to use .equals() method like Java in Dart


I’m a Java developer and the newbie in Dart.

When I compare two objects in Dart, it only has == operator which helps me compare two logical memory addresses of two objects in Dart. How can I compare two objects to be the same like Java without be preparing this code below? It makes me tired to prepare entity’s class so I wonder that have any Dart’s ways for that?

class MyClass {
    final MySubClass mySubClass;


    bool equals(Object other) => identical(this, other) || other is MyClass && runtimeType == other.runtimeType && something.equals(other.mySubClass);

class MySubClass {
    final String something;


    bool equals(Object other) => identical(this, other) || other is MySubClass && runtimeType == other.runtimeType && something == other.something;


Dart language don’t have equals method. According this article, I have to use Equatable Package.

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