Is it possible to pass command-line arguments to a new isolate from spawnUri()


When starting a new isolate with spawnUri(), is it possible to pass command line args into that new isolate?

eg: Command line:

dart.exe app.dart "Hello World"

In app.dart

main() {
  var options = new Options();
  print(options.arguments);    // prints ["Hello World"]

In other.dart

main() {
  var options = new Options();
  print(options.arguments);   // prints [] when spawned from app.dart.
                              // Is it possible to supply 
                              // Options from another isolate?

Although I can pass data into other.dart through its SendPort, the specific use I want is to use another dart app that hasn’t been created with a recievePort callback (such as pub.dart, or any other command-line app).


As far as I can tell the answer is currently no, and it would be hard to simulate via message passing because the options would not be available in main().

I think there are two good feature requests here. One is to be able to pass options on spawn() so that a script can run the same from the root isolate or a spawned isolate.

The other feature, which could be used to implement the first, is a way to pass messages that are handled by libraries before main() is invoked so that objects that main() depends on can be initialized with data from the spawning isolate.

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