Is it correct to have nested Scaffold in Flutter?


I have a PageView in my app homepage and I want :

  1. The AppBar changes according to the page
  2. The BottomAppBar is fixed

The 2 solutions I imagined are :

  1. The hard one : have one Scaffold with appBar, body and bottomNavigationBar ; use the PageView’s PageController to animate the AppBar content…
  2. Have 2 nested Scaffold : the main one with body and bottomNavigationBar, and a second one in each PageView’s page, with the AppBar…

So I was wondering, it works but is it "correct" syntactically to have nested Scaffold ?

Thanks a lot !


Go here:

There is a section named Troubleshooting and inside it, you will find this:

Nested Scaffolds

The Scaffold was designed to be the single top level container for a
MaterialApp and it’s typically not necessary to nest scaffolds. For
example in a tabbed UI, where the bottomNavigationBar is a TabBar and
the body is a TabBarView, you might be tempted to make each tab bar
view a scaffold with a differently titled AppBar. It would be better
to add a listener to the TabController that updates the AppBar.

Answered By – Akshar Patel

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