iron-ajax on-response doesnt recognize dart reflected method


My ajax is defined as:

<iron-ajax id="myAjaxId" auto
     on-response="{{handleResponse}}" ></iron-ajax>

and in my dart i say:

void handleResponse ( e, Map data ){
    print("hand response fired");
    f_name = data["f_name"];
    l_name = data["l_name"];
    id = data["id"];

not only does it not fire the print statement, but in the Chromium console, when it is run, it says:

[my-ajax-fetcher::_createEventHandler]: listener method `{{handleResponse}}` not defined

I was looking up some other examples and noticed @reflectable is the tag i should be applying.

I was also trying to look up what the target signature needs to look like, and didnt see anything.


You don’t need {{}} for event handlers in Polymer 1.x just on-response="handleResponse"

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