Intellij opens Dartium in checked mode


When I open Dartium from Intellij, it opens in checked mode. I can verify the environment variable DART_FLAGS=--checked with ps eww <PID>. I do not have this setting/variable set anywhere in Intellij settings that I can find. Why is the environment variable being set and how do I turn it off?


Please see the discussion in the following request:

  • WEB-24466 ‘Start Dartium in checked mode` option removed from project settings

tl;dr: the option was removed because this tool is used for development and running in checked mode helps to find the errors easier, there is still a hacky way to disable it:

Open CONFIG/options/web-browsers.xml file and remove the following line from there:

<entry key="DART_FLAGS" value="--checked" />

Note that it may return back when you change anything in the Dart page in Settings, you’ll have to remove the line again.

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