How WebStorm runs Dart web apps


When running a Dart web app in WebStorm, the “Pub Serve” tab on the ? pane at the bottom reports the following (--port differs from run to run):

/home/tom/dart-sdk/bin/pub serve web --port=46247
Loading source assets...
Loading polymer transformers...
Serving polymer_and_dart web on http://localhost:46247

However, the app will be accessible at http://localhost:63342.

Yet when I run pub serve from the command line, the app will be accessible at localhost:46247:

/home/tom/dart-sdk/bin/pub serve web --port=46247

Can someone explain what WebStorm is doing at the specified port, if it is not to serve the app?

BTW, I am using only Dartium in development.


WebStorm has an integrated proxy that listens on its own port and just forwards to the port pub serve is listening on.

pub serve will be removed in Dart 2.

Currently 4/2018 there is no integration of pub run build_runner serve with IntelliJ but it is work in progress.

Answered By – Günter Zöchbauer

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