How we can use time and date picker together in flutter?


I want to show date and time picker together but I think no any widget or lib provides this feature in flutter.
Any suggestion or solution ?


Try flutter_datetime_picker here hope its help to you.

In this package you want to pick date and time both.

Try date_time_picker package also

Updated Answer:

You used flutter_cupertino_datetime_picker and set the date format on your need

          onPressed: () {
          child: Text('Pick Date-Time'),

method for dateTimePicker:

  dateTimePickerWidget(BuildContext context) {
    return DatePicker.showDatePicker(
      dateFormat: 'dd MMMM yyyy HH:mm',
      minDateTime: DateTime(2000),
      maxDateTime: DateTime(3000),
      onMonthChangeStartWithFirstDate: true,
      onConfirm: (dateTime, List<int> index) {
        DateTime selectdate = dateTime;
        final selIOS = DateFormat('dd-MMM-yyyy - HH:mm').format(selectdate);

Your Output:

16-Mar-2022 - 12:28

Result Screen for Widget -> image1

Result Screen for DateTimePicker -> enter image description here

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