How to Show rewarded Video in flutter when a user clicks a flat button


I am new to Flutter and I need help in showing rewarded ads in my flutter app.
The app is used to load my website, my idea is to show rewarded videos when the user clicks a flat button and when the video is over or closed I need to get them to my website which is loaded in the background.
For showing the website I use web view plugin.


In your initstate just load the rewarded ad,

// load the rewarded video ad
    adUnitId: RewardedVideoAd.testAdUnitId,
    targetingInfo: targetingInfo);

// listen for the rewarded add events
RewardedVideoAd.instance.listener =
    (RewardedVideoAdEvent event, {String rewardType, int rewardAmount}) {
  print("Rewarded Video Ad event $event");
  if (event == RewardedVideoAdEvent.rewarded) {
    // here, you can load your website using your webview plugin

Inside your onPressed() method, just show Rewarded Video Ad by using,

onPressed: () {

You’re done.

Answered By – Jay Mungara

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