How to run Flutter driver tests remotely


We have Flutter driver tests running locally with a command like:

flutter drive --target=test_driver/app.dart --driver=test_driver/test/login_test.dart  --flavor dev --no-start-paused

And having an Android device plugged in to the computer.

Now we want to run these tests remotely. We are trying to figure out which devices in the cloud provider is the best for running flutter driver tests.

We tried following the guide on and run them on Firebase Testlab but we couldnt make it work, or it is not possible with Flutter driver tests.

Which devices in the cloud provider we should choose for running flutter driver tests? We have got Bitrise as CI solution.


For Android, you can use the AVD Manager step to create an Android emulator and add Wait for Android emulator step to wait for the emulator to finish the boot.

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