How to return values from main function in js code created by dart2js


I have dart code that returns a string when it is ran

 return "hello";

Now i need to call this from js so i used dart2js to convert it to js.

How i call it from a node.js application:

var sudokuLib = require('./sudoku-lib');

I am aware of the large amount of code created by dart2js and it is not a problem since whenever i run the converted js file or the above js code, hello is being printed in the console. But the problem is that I want the returned value to be stored in a variable in my js code, since i will be using the value in my node application.

Is there any way to do this??


I will assume that your dart code is now js code and runing fine :

For exemple like this sudoku-lib.js :

function main() {
    return "Hello"

// add the code below
module.exports = { main };

in a new js file "file.js" you can simply write :

const lib = require("./sudoku-lib");
// store it in result var
const result = lib.main();
console.log(`The result is: ${result}`);

Ref node-modules-import-and-use-functions-from-another-file

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