How to reduce the radius of the avatar generated using auro_avatar flutter package?


I have used auro_avatar 0.1.1 for generating avatar from User FullName but I am not able to reduce the size of the circle avatar. I want to put this on AppBar.

new InitialNameAvatar(
    'Rahul Kumar',
    circleAvatar: true,
    borderColor: Colors.grey,
    borderSize: 1.0,
    foregroundColor: Colors.white,
    padding: 2.0,
    textSize: 5.0,

It is not working even when I reduced padding. Please Help


hey you can wrap InitialNameAvatar by Container widget, then you can add width and height. I tried this and it works.

            width: 35.0,
            height: 35.0,
            child: InitialNameAvatar(
              circleAvatar: true,
              borderSize: 2.0,
              foregroundColor: Colors.white,
              padding: 5.0,
              textSize: 15.0,

Answered By – Akshatha P Halady

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