How to pass an existing repository instance to the next page in Flutter using the flutter_bloc package?


I have the following code that passes a bloc to the next page

   builder: (_) => BlocProvider.value(
     value: BlocProvider.of<TeacheractivityfeedBloc>(context),
     child: CreateFeedSelectClass(imageStringList: state.selectedImages, imagePathList: state.selectedImagePaths, classList: state.classList,))

I would like to pass this repository that was already created in this page before the build function

TeacherRepository _teacherRepository = TeacherRepository();

In the example from flutter bloc (
there is only a way to create a new instance, I want to pass the existing instance instead of creating a new one:

  create: (context) => RepositoryA(),  //-----> 
  child: ChildA(),

instead of
create: is there any way to do something like value: _teacherRepository like how we do it with BlocProvider.value(value:….) ?


Actually there is a named constructor value available for RepositoryProvider which you can use.

  value: repository,
  child: Container(),

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