How to move(with animation) a cell's colored container from one position to another inside generated List from grid view count in flutter?


Here, I have a list. a = [92,93,94,95,81,66,51,36..];

I just want to move my colored cell’s container according to the list index with animation.

To understand my question better, in the given image, I want to animate that cell container which is located at index 92, according to a list(a).

Image Example


While we know the box size, we can use getPosition() method to position the circle.

 Offset getPosition(int index) {
    assert(boxWidth != null, "init boxWidth inside layoutBuilder");
    final dx = index <= crossAxisCount
        ? index * boxWidth!
        : (index % crossAxisCount) * boxWidth!;
    final dy = index <= crossAxisCount
        ? 0.0
        : (index / crossAxisCount).floor() * boxWidth!;
    return Offset(dx, dy);

Use like

  duration: const Duration(milliseconds: 400),
  left: getPosition(currentPosition).dx,
  top: getPosition(currentPosition).dy,
  child: Container(
    width: constraints.maxWidth / crossAxisCount,
    height: constraints.maxWidth / crossAxisCount,
    decoration: const BoxDecoration(
      color: Colors.cyanAccent,

Full Snippet On dartpad

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