How to make pub build show warnings/hints from all packages


I have an app that has about 10 packages that I developed myself. I only run pub build on one of them and it is dependent on the other packages. When I run pub build I receive output like:

[Dart2JS on myapp_client|web/index.html_bootstrap.dart]:
3 warning(s) suppressed in package:myapp_shared.
[Warning from Dart2JS on myapp_client|web/index.html_bootstrap.dart]:
4 hint(s) suppressed in package:myapp_infra.
[Dart2JS on myapp_client|web/index.html_bootstrap.dart]:
8 warning(s) suppressed in package:myapp_client.

Since these warnings all come from my code I am interested in seeing the full warnings, I do not want them to be suppressed. How can I do this? I’ve seen that dart2js has a –show-package-warnings option but pub build does not have this. Also this option is not configurable in pubspec.yaml on the dart2js transformer.


It seems no such option is available.
With generating warnings for dependencies were suppressed but no exception for path dependencies (see codereview link in the linked issue).

Answered By – Günter Zöchbauer

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