How to implement an API call linked to a Provider using SOLID principles in a Flutter app?


I am trying to refactor my Flutter weather application.

It eventually calls an API to provide weather data based with a location as a parameter.

Currently, I have :

  • A WeatherJSONModel.dart which corresponds to the JSON response given by the API I use.
  • A WeatherAPI.dart files which manages to call the API with the parameters, and parse the JSON response into a the above model.
  • A WeatherModel.dart which is the model for the data displayed by the app.
  • A WeatherProvider (extends ChangeNotifier) which converts the WeatherJSONModel returned by the API into a WeatherModel then made available for the app.

I very much doubt this the most efficient way to do it, but can’t find how to properly implement my calls.

Should it be more APICallClass into ResponseHandlerClass into ProviderClass ?

Thank you !

TLDR; How to implement API calls and JSON parsing following SOLID principles ?


One of the best tutorials on this topic in flutter (in my opinion) can be found here:

There is also a written series and a 7 hour YouTube Tutorial of this:

Here is the architectur proposal:

enter image description here

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