How to ignore invalid named routes in flutter?


I have a MateriallApp with few routes and onGenerateRoute callback. When I push an invalid route in Navigator.pushNamed, it throws me an error saying

Unhandled Exception: Could not find a generator for route RouteSettings("/path", null) in the _WidgetsAppState.
E/flutter ( 2342): Make sure your root app widget has provided a way to generate
E/flutter ( 2342): this route.
E/flutter ( 2342): Generators for routes are searched for in the following order:
E/flutter ( 2342):  1. For the "/" route, the "home" property, if non-null, is used.
E/flutter ( 2342):  2. Otherwise, the "routes" table is used, if it has an entry for the route.
E/flutter ( 2342):  3. Otherwise, onGenerateRoute is called. It should return a non-null value for any valid route not handled by "home" and "routes".
E/flutter ( 2342):  4. Finally if all else fails onUnknownRoute is called.
E/flutter ( 2342): Unfortunately, onUnknownRoute was not set.

After I set onUnknownRoute callback, it says:

When the _WidgetsAppState requested the route RouteSettings("/path", null) from its onUnknownRoute callback, the callback returned null. Such callbacks must never return null.

But I do not want to navigate anywhere if the route is invalid (so the user stays on the same screen).

Here’s the question: how can I ignore broken routes? Is there any way to set this up on MaterialApp level?


This is wild, but what if you simply did the following:

onUnknownRoute: (settings) {
  return MaterialPageRoute<void>(
    settings: settings,
    builder: (BuildContext context) {
        return Scaffold(body: Center(child: Text('Not Found'))); // This should never really be seen.

You’ll be left with an ugly screen transition effect, but unless we simply prevent navigation when calling pushNamed (definitely what I’d recommend over this, but I guess you’ve got your reasons), this seems like an alternative.

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