How to Handle "Cannot run with sound null safety" error with Visual Studio AppCenter in Flutter APK Build


I’m trying to add AppCenter to my application but I get build error:

Error: Cannot run with sound null safety, because the following
dependencies don’t support null safety:

  • package:appcenter
  • package:appcenter_analytics
  • package:appcenter_crashes

For solutions, see

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

I added auto-generated code from AppCenter to my ->app/build.gradle

dependencies {
    def appCenterSdkVersion = '4.3.1'
    implementation "${appCenterSdkVersion}"
    implementation "${appCenterSdkVersion}"


Spending some hours in pain, I found my solution and post it here

We should not import appcenter, appcenter_analytics appcenter_crashespackage in main.dart (also not import them into pubspec.yaml)
What we should do is, override "onCreate" method in and implement appcenter there.
You can find more details in my answer.

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