How to get base64 of a file in Flutter


I have an file path string like

path = /data/user/0/

now I want to convert the file into base64

How could I achieve this ?


Finally I come up with a solution.
The thing is we have to get the actual file from path before converting it.

  1. get the actual file
  2. convert the file into byte array
  3. finaly convert the byte array to base64
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io';

class FileConverter {
  static String getBase64FormateFile(String path) {
    File file = File(path);
    print('File is = ' + file.toString());
    List<int> fileInByte = file.readAsBytesSync();
    String fileInBase64 = base64Encode(fileInByte);
    return fileInBase64;

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