How to enable Null-Safety in Flutter?


I tried to use null safety, but it’s giving me this error:

This requires the ‘non-nullable’ language feature to be enabled. Try
updating your pubspec.yaml to set the minimum SDK constraint to 2.10.0
or higher, and running ‘pub get’.

I changed my Dart SDK constraint from 2.7.0 to 2.10.0, but it’s still showing this error.

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Also, I upgraded my Dart and Flutter SDK:

dart-sdk v2.10.2 is the latest version available based on your

Flutter (Channel stable, 1.22.3, …


To Enable null safety,

  1. Check Latest Dart Version(It should be Dart 2.12 or later:)

    dart --version
  2. Update the dart version, the above point not satisfied using the command.

    dart pub upgrade --null-safety
    dart pub get
  3. Run the below command to know what are libs in your project needs to be upgraded to the latest null safety.

    dart pub outdated --mode=null-safety

The latest column shows the current version if it’s in green that means dependency implemented null safety features if it red then the dependency owner needs to implement that.

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  1. Finally, run dart migration command which performs null safety migration on existing project(Existing project)

    dart migrate
  2. If your package is ready to migrate, then the tool produces a line like the following:

    View the migration suggestions by visiting:

Note: Even after running upgrade --null-safety command, you see the latest column section in red, which means a particular dependency hasn’t supported null safety yet, so that means you cannot migrate the project.

for detail read:

Good blog on Implementation of Null Safety:

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