How to do random generator of elements of list?


I have list:

    List quotes = [
        "Lmao this is text",
        "Okay okay go to next",
        "So, we are the champion nanana",
        "What does the fox say?"

var _index = new Random();

And I want to create random text generator from my elements of list.
I use statefull in flutter and when I tap the button, I want new random element from my list.
Example of my code:

 children: [
                  child: Container(
                      child: FlatButton.icon(
                          onPressed: _showFate(),
                          icon: Icon(,
                          label: Text("New words!", style: TextStyle(
                            color: Colors.white
_showFate() {
    setState(() {

Why it does not work I do not understand…


_index should be an int not Random and you should also reassign the random value to _index in the setState

Check this out.

int _index = 0;

  setState(() {
   _index = Random().nextInt(5);

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